ek is kwaad vir Vodacom!

Hierdie het niks met die ander kant of kerk of enigiets te doen nie. Dis net ‘n blogger wat kwaad is, en wat doen bloggers as hulle kwaad is? Hulle blog. Maar dit raak alle Suid Afrikaners. Die diens van selfoonnetwerke verhoog verseker die hartaanval sterftesyfer in hierdie land! Hierdie briefie het ek nounet vir al wat ‘n vodacom email adres is wat ek in die hande kan kry gestuur:

Got an HTC S710 on contract from Vodacom over a year ago.

Great built phone, but some software bugs or something with the sound. At one point is stopped making a sound from sms’s, and just vibrated when it was supposed to make some noise. Speaker was fine for everything except sms tones.

When the cover also broke later on, I took it to Vodacare Hatfield. Booked it in.

After 10 days of so it came back. I went to pick it up, but forgot the charger, so couldn’t get it. It took me over a week before I could get there again.

Getting there it took 45 minutes to find my phone. But I got it (was told a number of lies by both the person helping me as well as the manager of Vodacare Hatfield. If anyone want to query that I’ll elaborate, but let me get to the next part of the story for now). First sms I got later that day, guess what… it just vibrated.

So I went back. What do they tell me. Just book it in again. Again? Now it’s become my problem! They didn’t fix the phone, and now it’s become my problem!? Talked to some Vodacom employee on some helpline, there advice… book the phone in again. Talked to the supervisor. He’s advice… book the phone in again! Apparently he’ll give it priority. So I ask him when I’ll get it back, he says Thursday or Friday (It’s Friday 28 November now), I ask for it in writing, he agrees, says he’ll fax it to the Vodacare shop. I wait. 20 minutes pass, I had to go. 10 minutes after I left, they phone me, they got an email saying I should book it in, it will get priority service. I ask whether they have confirmed a date, they say no, I say that I can’t book it in without written confirmation on when I’ll get it back, I need this phone before I go to Cape Town for the holidays, since Vodacom give their business clients such crappy phones as lend phones when business phones get booked in (I currently have a Nokia 6111 borrowed from them, the previous one was also a Nokia. I like Nokia, but I hated that phone!).

Later they phone me, what do they say? I have to book it in. I ask when it will be back, they say by Thursday of Friday, I ask for written confirmation… that is impossible! After a long talk I go back to book it in. Drive the 17 kilometers to the Vodacare shop again, through the toll gate twice. Then they phone my, they can’t back up the phone. But just yesterday they uploaded my previous backup to the phone when it came back. So there is nothing wrong with the phone. So I lose my data from the past 24 hours.

Oh, they gave me the report sheet from the previous fix. Seems like they just ran a computer test on the thing, and everything reported to be in working order. But I explicitly told them what was wrong. Maybe someone should have tested it by hand to make sure it was fixed.

Now I’m really mad. If Vodacom give me the offer to cancel my contract today, I’ll take it. In the meantime, since I’m not expecting that they will, they’d rather milk some more money from me without providing any satisfactory customer service, I’ll just try and see where I can find places to distribute this letter to, I am a prolific blogger for that matter.

Oh, and if you are from Vodacom, and you get this, I’ll gladly provide the jobs numbers (of both the first and the second service) to anyone who can try and give me a better perception of Vodacom.

Wat’s jou meer horrid selfoon stories? Ek het nog ‘n paar wat ek kan uitruk… ek dink ek het ten minste een vir elk MTN en Cell C, tot nou toe meer gelukkig met Vodacom gewees… maar dit verander nou vinnig.


3 Responses to ek is kwaad vir Vodacom!

  1. Hannes sê:

    Dit is nou die twede maand dat my rekening meer as R900.00 beloop. Ek het al gebel maar word net van bakboord na stuurboord gestuur.
    Vir my word dit vertel dit is een of ander Ipot se rek wat ek moet betaal.
    Ek word nou Gatvol. Meskien moet ek net die debiet order stop en net die oproepe betaal, as dit die houding van Vodacom is.

  2. cobus sê:

    Ek het, en by Beeld se totudiens, en by elke liewe vodacom email adres wat ek in die hande kon kry. Iemand sal hopelik reageer.

  3. Rapporteer dit op http://www.hellopeter.com Vodacom reageer en dan weet jy ten minste iemand daar lees jou storie

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